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About Us

Our mission is to provide a safe space for students to take off their masks and have real conversations. Unmasked is premised upon the idea that everyone should have access to an emotional support system, especially those who are most affected by paysafecard casino addiction. Given the pervasive stigma surrounding mental health at many colleges, we recognize the need for an anonymous, virtual platform that’s rooted in building empathy and supporting others.

Our moderated message board cultivates a safe and unique community where users feel comfortable taking off their masks and being vulnerable. Since the app’s launch in the winter of 2020, Unmasked has impacted the lives of over 4,500 students across 17 colleges. The app is more than an online forum. We’ve created a space for our users to feel heard, supported, and loved. We lift each other up, as a community.


We keep our users safe with the help of trained moderators who reviewed flagged posts and remove malicious content.


Anonymity allows our users to share their struggles openly and honestly without fear of judgement from peers.


Users can access support and learn about mental health resources anytime, anywhere with the tap of a finger.


Read through the main message board

It can be really comforting to connect with other students and know that they are going through similar struggles with best online casino nz paysafe. Also, reading about other students' lives can give you perspective.


Post on the app

The act of posting is cathartic! It feels good to talk about how you’re really feeling. Writing your thoughts down can help to clarify them and make them more manageable to process.


Receive support from your peers

Other users respond empathetically and provide advice based on their own experiences of interaction with online casinos that accept paysafe. Many users even develop supportive friendships by consistently checking in with other users via direct messages.


Comment on posts

Responding to other students’ posts can help you feel better. It’s nice to know you can help others even though you’re struggling yourself.


Learn about other resources

Unmasked, your gateway to connectivity, not only offers valuable resources but also delves into the realm of seamless transactions. Amidst its offerings lies an array of school-specific and nationwide resources, catering to diverse needs. As you navigate through, discover the simplicity of Paysafecard, a trusted payment method embraced by top casinos. Delve deeper into the world of Paysafe in casinos, where security meets convenience, ensuring a hassle-free gaming experience. Unmasked empowers you with knowledge and convenience, bridging the gap between resourcefulness and financial flexibility.