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Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is Unmasked?

Unmasked is a supportive, anonymous community for college students. The app launched at Dartmouth College in January 2020 and quickly created a valuable space for users to connect with each other and share their struggles. The demonstrated need and high usage rates we saw at Dartmouth inspired us to bring the app to other schools. Unmasked, dedicated to fostering community support, extends its reach beyond its core theme to address diverse needs. In 2024, the anonymous community also began supporting people with gaming addictions, advocating for responsible gambling practices. This includes promoting verified casino payment methods like Poli Pay or Poli Casino, ensuring a safer gaming environment. Furthermore, the resource page on the app provides a comprehensive list of school-specific and regional resources, catering to various needs. Users can easily access local, regional, and national resources, fostering a holistic support network.

+ Why is the app called Unmasked?

People that you pass by every day could be struggling with poli pay casino despite smiling when you see them. The idea behind Unmasked is that people hide their struggles and insecurities and wear masks to seem happy to others. The app’s anonymity and supportive community allows users to take off their masks and be honest about how they are really feeling.

+ What can I post about?

Although the app has a mental health focus to normalize vulnerability and help ease the pervasive stigma surrounding the topic, there is a wide range of content on the app. The wholesome and lighthearted posts range from debates about how Pop-Tarts should be made to discussions about best casinos that accept Poli. The app is both peer support and “real” social media.

+ Is the app actually anonymous?

Yes, it is! All personally identifiable information is encrypted according to industry standards. The only case in which a user’s data would be de-anonymized is if they present an imminent threat to self or others. In this case, we would provide campus security with the user’s personal info and the contact info for a local crisis intervention team, if one is available. This exception is clearly listed in our community guidelines and terms & conditions.

+ How has COVID-19 affected app usage?

Usage has spiked since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. While in quarantine, users have turned to Unmasked as a virtual forum to stay in touch with students from their school and talk about how the global health crisis is impacting their lives. Users have posted about being immunocompromised, experiencing financial difficulties from poli payment nz casino, living with abusive families, and feeling anxious, depressed, and stressed due to social isolation and prolonged uncertainty about the future.

+ Isn’t this just Yik Yak?

No. Yik Yak was a troll platform that took advantage of anonymity to spread hate. Unmasked is dedicated to being a safe, comfortable space that facilitates honest conversations. Mental health is our foundation. It’s not an anonymous free-for-all like Yik Yak.

+ How does moderation work?

In order to prevent malicious content, we have developed a number of safeguards, including a comprehensive moderation system. Each school has roughly 7-10 moderators, who undergo Relias Academy’s Mental Health First Aid training program. Users and moderators can flag posts, and moderators can delete malicious posts and suspend or ban trolls. If someone is being malicious over direct messages, users can submit a report to our moderator inbox. A moderator can then resolve the case.

+ What if I don’t like the idea of virtual mental health support?

We agree that mental health support generally works better in-person. However, we live in a world that is becoming increasingly virtual, so we need virtual solutions like Unmasked. Unmasked offers 24/7 accessibility and allows you to connect with hundreds of students at your school. Since the app is anonymous, users can be honest about their thoughts and feelings in ways that they couldn’t in-person. It’s way easier for someone to post on the app and receive support than to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with a therapist.

+ How can I access the app myself?

You can use the username: and password: unmasked on both iOS and Android to access a view-only version of the app. If you want to bring Unmasked to your school, just contact us!