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Our Executive Team


Sanat Mohapatra | CEO

Sanat is a recent Dartmouth graduate with a passion for mental health and innovation in instant bank transfer casino nz. His goal is for Unmasked to help as many students as possible. In his free time, Sanat loves rock climbing and going on adventures.


John Schlachtenhaufen | CTO

John is a recent Dartmouth graduate interested in the intersection of mental health and technology. To him, Unmasked has the ability to positively impact the lives of students across the country. John enjoys playing guitar and hockey.


Mira Ram | CDO

Mira is a recent graduate of and current master’s student at Dartmouth who is passionate about the intersection between design and mental health. They hope to create a supportive space for students through Unmasked. They enjoy drawing and exploring nature.


Jun Tsuru | COO

Jun is a recent Emory graduate who enjoys creating simple solutions that empower people. For him, Unmasked is an opportunity to create a bottom-up movement that will structurally change the dialogue surrounding mental health of people with addiction of bank transfer casino going forward. Jun enjoys reading and going on long runs.

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